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I’m an author and curious child. When I’m not reading and writing science fiction, I can be found enjoying good food and board gaming.

  • LesFic Eclectic is here!

    27th Sep 2019 by

    Download the book here for free… LesFic Eclectic – .epub version LesFic Eclectic – .mobi version LesFic Eclectic – .pdf version

  • Können Sie das bitte wiederholen?

    25th Jan 2020 by

    I have recently started learning to speak German. Now, I will freely admit that I’m useless at languages. I had to take my French and Latin GCSE twice to get a decent mark, and to this day I could swear that the very patient professor at my University, tasked to try and teach me Ancient… Read more

  • Old and New

    24th Nov 2019 by

    I love waking up in Berlin. An obvious part of that is that I am waking up in bed with the woman I love. However, there is more to it. Berlin is a city that I am coming to love more and more.  Travelling into the centre of the city yesterday, I was struck once… Read more

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