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I’m an author and curious child. When I’m not reading and writing science fiction, I can be found enjoying good food and board gaming.

  • LesFic Eclectic is here!

    27th Sep 2019 by

    Download the book here for free… LesFic Eclectic – .epub version LesFic Eclectic – .mobi version LesFic Eclectic – .pdf version

  • Did you have a good Lockdown?

    14th May 2020 by

    So, after seven weeks working from home in lockdown, this week I finally went back on site. Now, I appreciate that lockdown has been a difficult time for many. Parents looking after children, the elderly and those already suffering from underlying health conditions trying to work out how to just get the necessities of life,… Read more

  • Können Sie das bitte wiederholen?

    25th Jan 2020 by

    I have recently started learning to speak German. Now, I will freely admit that I’m useless at languages. I had to take my French and Latin GCSE twice to get a decent mark, and to this day I could swear that the very patient professor at my University, tasked to try and teach me Ancient… Read more

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