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I’m an author and curious child. When I’m not reading and writing science fiction, I can be found enjoying good food and board gaming.

  • LesFic Eclectic 3 is coming…

    17th Dec 2021 by

    Thursday 23rd December is the worldwide release day of the free Butterworth Books anthology, LesFic Eclectic Volume Three, and our blog train starts on Saturday 18th December. Get ready to hear from 23 wonderful authors! Sign up to the Butterworth Books newsletter to get your eBook exclusively five days before general release on Saturday 18th December: http://eepurl.com/hFw4Jb 

  • Christmas in a time of Covid

    17th Dec 2021 by

    It has been two years since I was in Berlin for the Christmas season. Last time I visited there was no pandemic, only a faint murmur on the media wind of a new virus that was running amok in China, in a city called Wuhan. I had never heard of it. I spent that Christmas… Read more

  • To Touch is to Heal

    24th Aug 2020 by

    Facebook threw up some pictures from last year on my feed today. I stared at them for a while and then scrolled on down. They were a montage of memories from Berlin, taken this time last year. I had flown out to meet a woman I had met only months earlier and who had, bit… Read more

  • LesFic Eclectic is here!

    27th Sep 2019 by

    Download the book here for free… LesFic Eclectic – .epub version LesFic Eclectic – .mobi version LesFic Eclectic – .pdf version

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